Thursday, September 08, 2011

Well, you can't say we don't have standards

[F]act testimony, no matter how thoroughly contradicted or impeached, may create an issue for the jury, so long as it is not supernatural.
-- The Sherwin-Williams Company v. Trellvion Gaines (Miss. Sept. 8, 2011) at ¶18.

... This decision reverses the $7M lead-poisoning verdict against Sherwin-Williams down in Jefferson County back in 2009. Worth a look for lawyers re: "gatekeeping" on expert testimony.


  1. Odd day yesterday. They also said that the dissent's interpretation of constitution contravened the laws of physics, and chastised a party named "Speed" for demanding that they hurry.

  2. Something about the moon's being in Capricorn, I suppose.