Monday, September 12, 2011

The man needs to start a blog

Another of those "what is Souter doing?" articles:
Like other retired justices, Souter is encouraged to continue to hear cases, and he appears to be a regular at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit in Boston. He has served on dozens of cases and a LexisNexis search indicates he’s written 29 opinions.

But mostly he says he is reading. Souter complained just before he left the court that the work there kept him from pursuing his real intellectual interests. He said he underwent a “sort of annual intellectual lobotomy” when the court term started every fall.

But now he is free to fulfill what he calls “an interrupted education,” and the syllabus is daunting.

“The menu is mostly history: the classical period, the Carolingians, Britain up through the fourteenth century, American Puritanism as seen by historians after Perry Miller, the United States from Jefferson through Lincoln,” he wrote.
He adds, "It may be that the seemingly intrinsic attraction that past time has for me is merely a desire for escapism, as I look out at the nation and world with little optimism." History is certainly a cure for optimism.

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