Friday, September 30, 2011

Our evil twin, on killing Americans for "incitement"

Kenneth Anderson (no relation), commenting on the killing of al-Qaeda cleric al-Awlaki:
To be perfectly clear: I myself believe there will eventually be cases of incitement to killing and participation over the internet by radical jihadist preachers that will raise the question of targeting on the basis of incitement alone, and my own view is that there are circumstances where that will be justified, including some who will be US citizens — and this is not, repeat not, that case.
So apparently we could've just had Ezra Pound assassinated?

K.A. has learned not to enable comments on his posts, as then someone might inquire into the legal authority for "incitement" as a capital offense, or the place of "incitement" in the laws of war.

If there is anything the U.S. government does that K.A. has not displayed a willingness to rationalize, I am not familiar with it.


  1. Ron Paul is looking better every day, ain't he.

    Oh, and absolutely unrelated, but a blog post you might be interested in. Sadly, The Onion is not going to be able to do a take-off on this.

  2. Oh sure -- after we go on the gold standard and abolish the federal government, we will all be much safer. Maybe I should start stockpiling ammunition.

    ... Lovely product that. "Daddy's done kilt more deer dead than he EVER did alive!"