Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mississippi State increases streak of almost-winning games

(TBA News, Sept. 10, 2011) Narrowly missing a touchdown that could have tied the game against Auburn in its last seconds, Mississippi State increased its streak of games it almost but not quite won.

"I'm really proud of this almost-victory that very nearly snapped Auburn's streak of actually-won games," said Billy Joe Roberts, who cheered State on as it narrowly failed to beat any good SEC teams in the 2010 season. "It's like our almost-victory against Auburn last year, or the game last season where we almost beat Arkansas but didn't actually do so."

Roberts intends to nominate MSU coach Dan Mullen as the all-time leader in putting up a really good game against teams that prove they are in fact better by scoring more points than the Bulldogs.


  1. Hey, the headline I was thinking about is this:

    "Ole Miss reaches national rankings by ending all games after the third quarter."

    The Memphis - Ark. State result yesterday suggests something about the quality of your teams first win.

  2. Yes, I was under no illusions that whomping up on Memphis put us No. 16 in the country.

    ... As for Ole Miss, congrats against So. Illinois, and aren't y'all playing South Panola later this season? Should have a pretty good shot at winning that.