Friday, February 26, 2010

Who's so vain?

David Geffen, that's who.
Now that we've learned the identity of Deep Throat, the one remaining thing we needed to know before we can close the books on the 1970s is, who was Carly Simon singing about in that annoying but catchy tune "You're So Vain"? Numerous romantic figures have been named, including Mick Jagger and Warren Beatty. And now... we know:

the target has been revealed as gay producer DAVID GEFFEN, at the time head of Carly's Elektra record label.

And rather than being angry about a failed relationship, Carly is thought to have resented the effort he put into promoting rival JONI MITCHELL.

No wonder everybody got it wrong. We were searching in the wrong sexual orientation.
Jonathan Chait, citing The Sun(UK).

Orly Taitz, however, has issued a press release, attacking The Sun's coverup of the fact that the song was actually about Obama's father.

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