Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reality's well-known liberal bias

A couple of good examples. One, Newt Gingrich on Jon Stewart's show:
Gingrich: The American public doesn't understand reading Miranda rights to terrorists in Detroit when it's fairly obvious they're terrorists.

Stewart: The only thing I would say to that is, didn't they do the same with Richard Reid, who was the shoe bomber?

Gingrich: Richard Reid was an American citizen.
Actually, as Kevin Drum points out, "Reid was a British citizen, born in London, and radicalized at the Finsbury mosque." Maybe Gingrich really meant to say "Richard Reid had a white-sounding name"?

Two, Jonathan Zasloff observes:
A majority of the Senate today voted to confirm Craig Becker, President Obama’s nominee to chair the NLRB, but they only won 52 to 33, so the motion was tabled.

Senator Orrin Hatch called on Obama not to use a recess appointment, saying that in light of the vote, such a move would “circumvent the will of the Senate.”
Zasloff quoted from Hatch's own website, where the senator also said, "“The Senate spoke with a loud, clear and bipartisan voice that Craig Becker’s views are outside of the mainstream and that he would not be able to serve as an impartial member of National Labor Relations Board."

The habit of being able to lie with impunity -- knowing that the stenographic media will not call you on it -- seems deeply ingrained.

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