Monday, February 08, 2010

Dat Who

TBA was bemused that today's NFL, when it wants a safe halftime performance by people who won't flash their tits or use words like "tits," turns to yesterday's bad-boy rockers grown geriatric, exactly the kind of people that no sane exec would've dreamed of putting on live TV back in their prime, and for good reason too.

Even Townshend's taking his guitar to the surrounding light-up thingies would've been welcome. It was a bit like watching gray-muzzled dancing bears for which only a light chain was needed at most.


  1. Actually, they were on prime time tv, famously so-- on the Smother's Brothers Show, did the equipment smashing bit they stole from Hendrix, and end the end blew up equipment but miscalibrated the explosive and it rendered Townsend permanently deaf in one ear (and startled the Smothers Bros, who didn't really expect it).

    With the sole exception of their (obviously too literal minded drummer), they did not die before they got old. My favorite snark about it yesterday was from a New York Times writer, who tweeted the question whether Daltry was holding a harmonica or oxygen to his mouth.

    So I guess I'm exposing my ambivalence about The Who.

  2. Oxygen! Ha. Good one.

    I will have to look for that on YouTube. The Smothers Bros. were such gentlemen -- I can't imagine.

    So just think what they would've done at the Super Bowl in 1972 or so.