Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Inmate finds Jesus law in prison

Via Orin Kerr, this really cool story of Shon Hopwood, who wrote two successful cert petitions for fellow inmates while in prison for bank robbery, and who upon release was able to cite Seth Waxman as a job reference.
No one was hurt in Mr. Hopwood’s bank robberies, but he and his accomplices “scared the hell out of the poor bank tellers,” Judge Richard G. Kopf of Federal District Court in Lincoln, Neb., said in sentencing him to prison in 1999.

The judge was skeptical about Mr. Hopwood’s vow that he would change. “We’ll know in about 13 years if you mean what you say,” Judge Kopf said.

The law library changed Mr. Hopwood’s life.

“I kind of flourished there,” he said. “I didn’t want prison to be my destiny. When your life gets tipped over and spilled out, you have to make some changes.”

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