Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ole Miss fires Nutt, announces new coach [UPDATED]

Reports are that Houston Nutt will be given his walking papers after Ole Miss's humiliating loss to what is now demonstrably the second-worst team in the SEC, Kentucky.

Other reports indicate that Ole Miss already has lined up a replacement, though even the first name of the new football coach remains a mystery. A mysterious, very short man has been in and out of the offices of Pete Boone and Dan Jones, identified by sources only as "Coach Rumpelstilskin."

A source speaking off the record said that the new coach promises to turn the Rebels' losing season into "gold."

Asked what he had promised by way of a compensation package, Boone refused to respond, but teared up and left the podium.

... The online rumors seem to be true. I'll let those who know something about the subject explain why Pete Boone needs to leave, but I've been skeptical that Nutt is really some kind of problem. As my snark above indicates, you can't make straw into gold, and I've seen little to indicate that Ole Miss's team this year is much more than straw.

The Dawgs have been struggling too, mainly it seems because some good players left. No one seriously questions Mullen's coaching skills, but the man has to work with what he has. Same with Nutt.

All said, I wish someone would pay me $6M to fire me!

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  1. I'm ready for coach Rumpelstilskin, or anybody else who can coach football.