Monday, November 21, 2011

Insoluble mysteries

What name did Achilles take when he hid among women? What song did the Sirens sing?

And why, when the only QB to score touchdowns vs. Arkansas last Saturday was Dylan Favre, is Tyler Russell going to start for the Bulldogs in the Egg Bowl?

Such mysteries may not "be beyond all conjecture," but they are damn close.

My untutored and amateurish opinion is that the constant QB switching isn't an effect of MSU's failed offense this yer -- it's a cause.


  1. An enigma, yes, but not beyond conjecture.

    My conjecture: It matters not whom they start; they will whip my team like a proverbial rented mule.

  2. Another mystery, NMC.

    I just hope that the Dawgs aren't too confident of that, J.M.