Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dungeons & Dragons as you may never have seen it before

Man, when I was 17, I would've married one of these ladies in a heartbeat.

... D&D may be one of the few pastimes whose reputation can be enhanced by association with porn stars.

(Also, very cool that they're blending 3.5 and the old AD&D, and rejecting the abominable 4th Edition.)


  1. Hrm. Never seen that site before. I believe some research may be in order...

    I often feel like I was born 20 years too early. When I was in high school, having a girl who would even look at a game book was remarkable - having THOSE girls? No freaking way. But now I go to PAX, and I feel like a dirty old man.

    Which I am, of course, but it really reminds me a lot.

  2. Penny Arcade Expo. It's very quickly becoming the biggest video game con in the country, and at least so far is still heavily fan/player driven. The corps have realized its importance and started putting in major appearances with lots of prerelease shows and goodies, but haven't taken it over yet. Kinda the best of both worlds.

    And a very good place to appreciate the rise of the girl gamer :)

  3. I just don't know whether I could be attracted to a woman who plays video games. Or D&D 4.0 (same difference).

    ... Really, I'm happy WoW wasn't around when I was in h.s./college -- it was really useful that I couldn't play D&D more than once a week, max.