Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Area man buys Moby compact disc

JACKSON - An area man yesterday became the first person since 2009 to purchase a compact disc by the electronic-music artist Moby, whose music has been downloaded by tens of millions of fans.

T.B. Anderson bought the recording not only on disc, but also from a retail store, Best Buy.

"I was watching those Bourne movies again and I noticed they all had the same song for the end credits, which turned out to be by Moby. And I liked the song, and he sounded vaguely famous, so I thought I would get the CD," Anderson said, referring to the song "Extreme Ways," which first charted in 2002 when compact discs were already becoming obsolescent.

Asked why he chose a CD rather than downloading the music to his iPod, Anderson confessed he had never "gotten into any of those i-thingies."

"Don't you have to have a Mac for that?" he wondered aloud.

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