Thursday, November 17, 2011

MSSC cert grants as percentage, 1998-2009

Drawing on the posted reports of the Miss. Supreme Court for 1998-2009 (all that are now available -- hey, where is 2010?), here's a graph showing not the number of cert petitions granted, but the percentage for that year:

That averages to 18%.

My sense is that cert grants have been more common in the past couple of years, but data only up to 2009 can't confirm or deny that impression, and I am not quite interested enough to accumulate the raw data off the handdown lists or Westlaw.


  1. WTF is the deal with 2001? There's no possible good explanation.

  2. Well, after a couple of years of getting the law wrong, maybe (1) the COA straightened up or (2) people saw the grant rate & got cert-happy.

    Neither of those seems sufficient however.

    I should plot the ratio of grants to the petitions/decisions ratio for the COA, but that would exceed my meager graphing skills.