Saturday, November 12, 2011

And don't even get him started on the magazine

Looking up David Wondrich's recipe for the Sidecar, I browsed upon his comment on the Cosmopolitan:
A mutant child of the Sidecar and the Cape Codder (a vodka-cranberry-lime concoction with little to distinguish itself beyond '80s nostalgia), the Cosmopolitan was the theme drink of the 1990s. Like Celebration, Florida (the Disney town), it has the appearance of tradition with none of the workmanship. The purpose of a cocktail is to take the pronounced, even pungent, flavor of a liquor and, through careful blending with acids, aromatics, and essences, transform it into something new and hitherto-untasted. Vodka, though, has no flavor. If a cocktail is alchemy, this is just mixing.
TBA always has time for vodka-bashing.

... Re: the sidecar, meh: if you like citrusy drinks, then okay. Tho perhaps faking it with Christian Brothers for cognac and triple sec for Cointreau isn't fair to it.


  1. I had a great sidecar variant at Herbsaint yesterday. Real cognac and cointreau were part of the picture. I don't think they stopped at those 2 plus lemon juice, but am not sure.

    Here's a drink I had that shocked me: 8 yr El Dorado rum on the rocks (I think with a little water). It was really great, like a Van Winkle level bourbon, smooth and wonderful. I went to Martins, and couldn't find the 8 yr. So I bought the 12 yr.

    I would expect to pay >$40 for a bourbon this good, or more, and can't afford it so I don't. This was $21.

    You really need to check out Cure next time you are in New Orleans, btw. They have a great happy hour deal from 5-7.

  2. I've never been much for rum, so that is interesting. And I hadn't heard of Cure - sounds awesome.

    Another good cocktail recently: a French 75 at Char, made however with gin. I put too much lemon juice in it when I tried it at home. The original has cognac (gin is not very French), but gin + champagne is better than it sounds. You can certainly have a pleasant evening sipping on first one version, than the other.

    Hoping this weekend to try making a Suburban, so I will need some rum -- that El Dorado will do nicely.

  3. If you order a French 75 at Arnauds, not requesting anything special, they use real cognac and Mums champagne. It's quite a drink

    This rum is amazing. I'm drinking a highball with it right now, safely back home in Oxford, glad I missed this football weekend.