Friday, January 29, 2010

Separation of powers ... IN YO' FACE!

That's the message of the Mississippi Supreme Court to Haley Barbour, all nine justices having signed onto an order prohibiting the State Fiscal Officer (who he?) from cutting the budget of the judiciary branch, on the plausible basis that the SFO can cut "agency" budgets, and the courts are not an "agency."

Via the indispensable NMC.

... Kevin Upchurch is our CFO. Don't get held in contempt, Kevin, I'm sure your job doesn't pay enough for that.

... Y'know, the MSSC does have one of those newfangledy "web sites," and it does have a "news page" thereon ... it would not kill them to post such documents rather than leave various blessedly-well-connected blawggers to get them to us.

... Matt at Ipse Blogit thinks that "what is an agency?" is not so clear as the Court suggests.

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