Thursday, January 28, 2010

Salinger no longer just metaphorically dead

Reports the Times. One's reminded of Dorothy Parker's response when Coolidge's death was reported: "How can they tell?"

Never was a Catcher in the Rye fan, but I did have a significantly underlined copy of Franny and Zooey for a few years.

... It occurs to me that we will now be subjected to a Catcher in the Rye film. Yecch. That couldn't possibly turn out badly. Winona Ryder once said she'd kill whoever tried to make a movie of Catcher, and it's not like she has a lot to lose these days ... maybe she's our best hope.

... Maybe they can get Peter Jackson to do Catcher and soup it up with CGI, like when Holden says something steams him, have CGI steam literally blowing off him. It worked so well for Jackson in his LOTR revisions. Or they could just get Michael Bay. A few explosions, a few bimbos, this book could really work!

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