Monday, January 18, 2010

The black site at Guantanamo

We've noted the report of the three men evidently tortured to death at Gitmo. Scott Horton has more. Andrew Sullivan summarizes:

This is the isolated part of Gitmo where paddy wagons came and went, whence screams could be heard during "aggressive questioning", and whence three corpses are believed to have emerged after the kind of treatment once reserved for totalitarian states but now indelibly part of the American way.

No, this is not a satellite of a secret Iran torture chamber; it is not a Soviet camp; it is not an isolated black site in North Korea. It is in Gitmo. And it is where America's founding principles came to die.

The corpses were delivered to their families with their necks cut out, to make it impossible to tell whether they were strangled to death in a session engineered by Cheney and Rumsfeld or whether they hanged themselves simultaneously as the cover-up insisted.
Kinda the test case for Obama: if you won't prosecute this, then what the hell will you prosecute?

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