Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Magnetic Fields, w/ diagrams ... etc.

Over at the AVclub, I see that the Magnetic Fields has (have?) a new album out, a bit more along their usual lines than the hard-to-hear-the-damn-lyrics Distortion.

And in the comment thread, I find that someone's blogging illustrations for each of 69 Love Songs. Too awesome for words, which makes it handy that there are pictures.

Speaking of pictures, this is a pretty terrible SF/Fantasy "Best 100" list -- okay yes, LOTS of Vance, good, but The Fountainhead??? non-ironically??? -- but it includes paperback covers of great interest, including this wonderful UK cover for Gravity's Rainbow that looks like it would've earned the author's unqualified endorsement:

OTOH, worst dust jacket ever must go to this UK job for Maske: Thaery:

So hard to single out the worst flaw: the utter irrelevance to anything in the novel? The generic-wizard-cover quality? The fact that the publisher had to correct the misleading nature of the cover by stamping "SCIENCE FICTION" on it?

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  1. Quite an interesting list, but the number of repeat authors makes me question the breadth of analysis which went into it.