Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not all publicity is good publicity

Jon Chait's digs are now at New York mag, not New Republic mag, but the style remains the same:
When Romney planned to have Christine O'Donnell announce her endorsement of him, he may not have considered that it would involve her talking.
I'm not really sure how having a witch endorse a Mormon is supposed to be a net plus with the GOP base, but doubtless these things are clearer to political professionals.

Chait's summary of the Romney-Gingrich dilemma:
Romney is the handsome swindler who plots to win your mother's heart and make off with her fortune. Gingrich is like the husband who periodically gets drunk and runs off to spend a week with a stripper in a low-rent motel but always comes home in the end. Which one would you rather see your mother marry?

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