Monday, December 12, 2011

"Do Palestinians exist?"

Jeffrey Goldberg provides the shocking answer!
The most important issue facing our economy and our future as a nation is obviously, do Palestinians exist? Newt Gingrich, for one, thinks this is a very important question. So do I. Therefore, I would like to give my answer to the question in this very public venue: Yes, Palestinians exist. I've seen them with my own two eyes. I've seen them in their cities, I've seen them in their villages. I've seen them on the beaches, I've seen them eating peaches. I've seen them in cars, I've even seen them in bars. Gay bars in Tel Aviv, to be exact. Ah, you might ask, what was Goldblog, a known heterosexual, doing in a gay bar in Tel Aviv? Well, how was Goldblog supposed to know it was a gay bar? Okay, the Palestinian dude grinding his shwarma against the Israeli dude was a clue. But I often miss such clues. I visited Andrew Sullivan in Provincetown once and thought that everyone was really muscular and shirtless by accident.
... Btw, Goldberg isn't linked on the blogroll here for the same reason Kevin Drum isn't: their sites have this goofy way of redirecting my link to the site page in general, rather than to their blogs. This problem is magnified by the P.O.S. blogroll widget that I have no right to complain about because it's free.


  1. It played in Tel Aviv at "The Black Book," but will it play in Peoria?

  2. George Costanza says there is no humor in Israel and gets a response from a Knesset MP who explains to George why "pro-settlement" squatters want to move into the West Bank:It's Biblical!

    In the video check out Newman(in drag), "spying" on George.