Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't really gotta go to Lowe's, after all

The New Yorker has a good summary of the manufactured outrage over TLC's All-American Muslim show and the bizarre decision by Lowe's to pull its commercials from the show.

My 7YO is too fond of building free projects at Lowe's for me to swear never to darken its doors again, but if I actually need to buy something, Home Depot is a better choice, at least until they do something equally obnoxious. (As I saw on a Buddhist blog once, there is no 100% wholesome commerce: "welcome to Samsara.")


  1. Yeah, our Lowe's is too far away to be convenient, but I've always preferred it to ze Depot. I can afford to give them a pass, but I'm not going to have much impact on their bottom line. Still, I'll do my part.

    The power of children to break boycotts is impressive; we ended a 20 year boycott of McDonald's in response to our toddler's great appreciation of the McNugget. :)

  2. I find Lowe's often better for aesthetic stuff, like prettier lamps, but for plain old hardware, Home Depot usually seems better.

    Their ratchet screwdriver with the bits in the handle is my favorite tool of all time.