Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes, you can get what you want

Be sure to emphasize to all the southerners that Rehnquist is a reactionary bastard, which I hope to Christ he is.
-- Richard Nixon to John Mitchell, on the nomination of William Rehnquist to the Supreme Court.


  1. Add that in to his reference to "that clown Renchburg" and you have an interesting collection of Nixon quotes about the man.

    Apparently the clown remark was because Rehnquist came to a White House meeting with wide lapels and an orange shirt.

  2. Rehnquist's fashion sense was surely the most liberal thing about him.

    He was such an operator in the Nixon DOJ, that alone should've been a disqualification for the Supreme Court. I was pleasantly surprised to see Eric Posner, of all people, saying that R. was not a particularly distinguished jurist.

  3. And yet Stevens makes clear what an improvement he was as chief when Burger shuffled off...

  4. True dat. A low bar, but I've never heard Rehnquist's managerial talents impugned.