Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At least he's candid

Kevin Drum:
From Rick Perry, after John Harwood of the New York Times notes that his tax plan will mean huge tax cuts for the rich in an era of already skyrocketing income inequality:

But I don’t care about that.

I suppose there's something oddly refreshing about that response.
Yes, it reminds me of this passage from Jack Vance's "Morreion":
"I am more inclined to punish Hurtiancz for his crassness," said Ildefonse. "But now he simulates a swinish stupidity to escape my anger."

"Absolute falsity!" roared Hurtiancz. "I simulate nothing!"

Ildefonse shrugged. "For all his deficiencies as polemicist and magician, Hurtiancz at least is candid."
... Following my free association, one of the quintessential Vance stories, "Green Magic," is online for some reason. It presents a very Vancian answer to the gripe Ilya Somin was posing the other day:
it strains credulity to believe that powerful sorcerers have been around for centuries, yet have never revealed themselves to normal humans, seized political power, or had any impact on history.
I'll let you read the story to see what I mean.

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