Friday, October 14, 2011

For your Netflix queue (if they're still doing that by then)

Jessa Crispin notes a documentary about W.G. Sebald by the guy whose most famous documentary was on Joy Division. Hm. Bookforum talks to the director. 'Twill be called Patience: After Sebald.

After my last post mentioning Sebald, I reread The Rings of Saturn and am now halfway through rereading Austerlitz. Reading Sebald is a bit like listening to Belle & Sebastian, in that once you're in that groove, everything else you could listen to or read seems trite. B & S however are not chronically depressed ... Sebald doesn't write much about depression per se, but he depicts a depressed world, a world that is either (1) as seen by a depressive or (2) so depressing in fact that depression is the only sane response to reality. Sure, just you go ahead and tell yourself that it's (1), if that helps you.

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