Friday, June 24, 2011

Also: "Previous Pulitzer Winners: 'Feel So Hollow Knowing There Are Far More Deserving Institutions'"

Those who don't visit The Onion frequently should be sure not to miss their Pulitzer Prize campaign.

Hard to single out one item, but this is sort of a micro-Onion:
THE WORLD—Calling it devastating, tragic, complex, heartrending, heartwarming, catastrophic, courageous, and shameful, sources confirmed Sunday that massive wildfires, geopolitical crises, AIDS, human rights violations, deadly shootings, Africa, tourists taken hostage, ethical and moral issues, child labor, and drug wars.

While the Catholic Church, nuclear weapons, deadly Ebola outbreak, failing U.S. schools, the homeless, North Korea, and the resignation of high-level officials, reports indicate widespread corruption, a major environmental disaster, the crumbling housing market, blizzards, Indonesia's rapidly growing economy, fraud, and the plight of the elderly.

Famine, sources later confirmed.

"We are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis," an extremely high-ranking figure said in an exclusive interview, adding that tensions remain high while patience is running low. "I'm afraid the worst has yet to come. The aftermath could be even more devastating."
And there's more.

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