Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Judicial humor

It occurs to TBA that the # 1 audience for lawyer jokes is probably ... judges.

The Hon. Frank Mackenzie quips at the Hon. Larry Primeaux's blog:
If you want to hide something from a lawyer, put it in their Rule Book.
... And the best part of the rulebook to hide something in, I've decided, is the forms. At least once a week, it seems, I'm hit with a group e-mail from someone wanting a form for interpleader or something like that.

To which I have to gently say, "you mean, besides the one in the back of the MRCP? The forms that are GUARANTEED to be legally adequate by operation of Rule 84?"

My favorites are the complaint forms. No recitation of parties, jurisdiction, or venue; no "count one, two, etc."; just "(1) Plaintiff did ____ unlawfully or without right to Defendant, (2) Defendant was injured, (3) Defendant prays for damages."

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