Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playing the numbers, SCOTUS edition

SCOTUS nerds will rejoice in the SCOTUSblog StatPack for the 2010 term (via). Which justices vote together -- or don't? Who wrote the most opinions? Who asked 0.0% of the questions at oral argument? (Okay, you knew the answer to that one already.)

Stats for the various circuit courts reviewed are also included. The 9th Cir. got reversed in 79% of its cert grants, compared to 80% for the 5th Cir. That comparison however falters when you see that only 5 cases from the Fifth were reviewed ... vs. 26 from the Ninth. (D.C. and 10th had *no* cert grants, which merits a gold star or something. Meanwhile, 100% of state cases accepted were reversed.)

Much more, definitely worth a browse.

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