Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kafka R. Civ. P.

Via Emptywheel, the latest guidelines for Gitmo inmates' lawyers on the use of the Detainee Assessment Briefs already published by WikiLeaks:
While you may access such material from your non-U.S.-government-issued personal and work computers, you are not permitted to download, save, print, disseminate, or otherwise reproduce, maintain, or transport potentially classified information.
It's difficult to conclude that simply taking notes isn't prohibited. And how does one identify "potentially" classified information?

And given that all this has been published anyway, what is the point of this restriction?


  1. But they're all guilty or they wouldn't be in Gitmo to begin with. Really, Anderson, you need to resort to first principles on this topic.

  2. Yes, first principles are what you have in place before judging -- "pre-judice" would be the Latin? ;)