Friday, November 13, 2009

So what am I looking long into, then?

In the course of spending too much time with numbskulls at the VC re: Heidegger, I happened upon some more thoughtful commenters, one of whom observed:
[Heidegger] was at least smart enough to understand that the loss of God and the sacred is a big problem, which is better than the typical nitwit we have now running around practicing nihlism without the abyss.
Which led me to a thought I hadn't had before:
I do have some hope that Nietzsche pointed us towards post-abyssal philosophy, as it were. Perhaps the philosopher can dance on the edge of the abyss because he knows there is no abyss?
I will have to bear that in mind if I go back through Zarathustra.

(Excessively obscure blog title explained here.)

... At the same thread, Salamantis links to a series of 8 columns by Simon Critchley in the Guardian, a sort of mini-course on Being and Time. Mark Wilson also linked to a podcast of Hubert Dreyfus's B&T course at Berkeley (which it seems, like Dreyfus's commentary, confines itself to the first half of the book).

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