Thursday, November 05, 2009

If other countries enforce their own laws, they must be trying to game the system

Our evil twin, Kenneth Anderson at the Volokh blog, gets in a snit and closes comments on a post regarding Italy's conviction in absentia of 23 (presumed) CIA operatives who tried to kidnap an Egyptian terror suspect on Italian soil.

KA complains that his commenters are "annoying/uncivil." Evidently he lacks the self-awareness to grasp how he might draw such comments from his own post, which states:
... I’ll make again the side observation that I have made before that this is the next step in what I have described here and on the OJ blog as “gaming Spain.” It has been remarked by many observers how the effect of foreign prosecutions or the threat of foreign prosecutions is a backdoor way of punishing administration lawyers and others, such as these CIA agents, for various things that can’t be or are not pursued in American courts.
IOW, the Italian courts are said to be acting in a roundabout way to punish Americans for things better addressed by American courts?

KA is an expert on international law, who however can't seem even to admit the possibility that Italian justice was offended by foreign agents' kidnapping someone? That couldn't possibly be more than "gaming"?

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