Monday, April 09, 2012

Mike Wallace

"The debate between atheists and Christians is rather stale to me.... It's as difficult to get charity out of piety as it is to get reasonableness out of rationalism."
--Reinhold Niebuhr to Wallace, April 27, 1958, "The Mike Wallace Interview."

"The people who emerge in leadership positions in this country usually come from a lifetime of experience which doesn't prepare them for the conduct of foreign policy."
--Henry Kissinger to Wallace, July 13, 1958, "The Mike Wallace Interview."

"That's a question [i.e., segregation] of where every amateur is an expert and where experience counts for naught. We've worked out a system that is harmonious."
--Sen. James Eastland to Wallace, July 28, 1957, "The Mike Wallace Interview."

... Tim Noah marks the passing of Mike Wallace by posting some quotes from his pre-60 Minutes career. N.b. our own Senator Eastland on Mississippi's "harmonious system."

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  1. one man's "harmonious system" is another man's nocturne of dolor.