Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Volokh blog reaches tipping point?

Oh noes ... some news outlets ran a story about Malia Obama's spring-trip abroad, then pulled the stories at the White House's request (for obvious security/privacy reasons)! Eugene Volokh is on the case!

"Now the removal might well have been voluntary." Gee, ya think?

On top of the obnoxious new commenting software, it seems the value-to-wingnuttery ratio at the VC has dropped to where I increasingly wonder why I'm even looking at the blog. YMMV.

... Someone with a stronger stomach than mine collects some of the ideologically related, but even more repugnant, b.s. on the subject. (H/t.) Volokh differs from these bottom-feeders only in degree, not in kind.


  1. I'd already pretty much given up on them. It's going to get worse before the year is out. And not just there.

  2. Yes. Yes, it is.

    Pretty much the only pleasure of the blog was some decent discussions in the Orin Kerr threads, and the commenting change has driven off most of the interesting commenters.

  3. NMissC, why is it going to get worse?
    Anderson, Kerr's 4th amendment thread was nice enough to tuck away in my 4th amendment file for future reference. The comments mechanism is pretty sucky.

  4. Funny thing. Andrew Sullivan published an analysis I'd written about Judge Walker's decision on Prop 8. Volokh picked up one of my quotes and wrote an analysis contradicting, and you commented on the Volokh thread, Anderson. You said something about that quote not coming from a Mississippi lawyer. Then, you made me quote of the day ... and, the Google still pulls it up. Small world?


  5. I think the political stuff this season is going to be particularly nasty and useless, Danny.

  6. Neat, Ignatius! Never knew that. But my link was bad - goes to Dale Carpenter not Kerr, so I can't find whatever nonsense I spouted about your not being from MS.

  7. The inference of your comment was that Mississippi court opinions rely heavily on the record and include more facts than they have to. I got a kick out of it. I had forgotten that I'd never mentioned it to you until you posted about Volokh.

  8. Here is the VC comment in question.

    (Tho if that lawyer practiced in Mississippi, he would be accustomed to how the intermediate court of appeals dumps page upon page of trial transcript into its opinions, in lieu of analysis.)

    Yeah, I stand by that ...