Monday, March 12, 2012

Now this is a politicized judiciary

Our squabbles over nominating & confirming federal judges are pretty bad, but the constitutional revolution in Hungary is several orders of magnitude worse.

I'm not quite sure whether being kicked out of the EU is a plus or a minus these days, but whichever, Hungary appears headed in that direction.

... Lest we seem smug, a Hungarian commenter at the linked post writes:
Democracy only works in countries where people have the education to be able to make decisions in national issues when they vote, where people had been taught to trust themselves to make their own individual assessments and decisions. One of the many problems in Hungary is that the education system focuses on the grand days of medieval Hungary, on chemistry and biology, but people are never taught any economics, sociology or law, they are not taught how to address and deal with contemporary political or social issues. And one can see the results: when having to deal with issues Hungarians are intoxicated with their great national history, which probably looks very ridiculous from outside, but I would say 95% of the voting population has no idea of what you are talking about as they are totally unaware of how the legal system works or should work. Hungary is doomed on the short run, because people have no understanding of what the government is doing. They get what they want from Orban: patriotism, God, national heroism, and all that bullshit, and the important legal, economic and social issues are not considered or debated.
Sounds familiar, even without reading our last post.

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