Monday, March 19, 2012

Dolphins: beached?

So, having failed to net Peyton Manning and not having really tried, it seems, to sign Matt Flynn, the Dolphins may be just as well off keeping Matt Moore.

But no sooner does that start to look like a good idea, then one realizes that the Dolphins' manager is opposed on principle to good personnel decisions. So maybe TBA will be faced with the possibility of cheering for Tebow in 2012. [Shudder.]

... Tho as Brian Miller points out, Tebow could actually be an asset ... in some position other than QB.


  1. Can we assume that Tebow prayed about that Manning thing and has had an object lesson in the utility of prayer other than in bringing ones own self internal peace?

  2. Maybe he was praying to go to Miami!

    But of course, prayer as a means of interpreting reality is just like any other kind of interpretation: we've all heard the anecdotes about how God seemed *not* to be answering X's prayers, but it just turned out that He had a plan for X that X hadn't quite cottoned to yet.

  3. NMC, your "funnin" of an avowed Christian reminds me of Maher's "funnin" of Mississippians.

  4. Sorry, Bill Dees, if it seems that way. Actually, I'm an avowed Christian who was raised to suspect ostentatious displays in public prayer. I'm bothered by the dropping-to-a-knee during football games demonstrations, which may be a form of prejudice, but that's where I am about it. I also have trouble imagining a God who cares about either the outcome of sporting event or questions about who plays on what team.

  5. The classic Onion article on that subject is "Basketball Star Blames God for Defeat," but they seem to've pulled it from their website.

    ... Speaking of which, today's headline: "Broncos Calling Teams To See If They Need Anyone Who Can't Play Quarterback."