Monday, February 13, 2012

Tho I see Romney as more the Saruman type ...

I have nothing interesting to say about Rick Santorum's resurgence in the polls, so I'll just quote a line I liked from Kevin Drum instead:
So what happens now that both the national spotlight and Romney's millions are turned on Santorum like the Eye of Sauron?
It's an apt simile.

... Meanwhile, Romney again demonstrates his amazing instinct for politics:
Mitt Romney writes in a Detroit News op-ed that President Obama should have let automakers go into a "managed bankruptcy" instead of using a federal bailout with taxpayer money.
The Michigan primary is at the end of this month, so of course it was vital for Romney to remind everyone as quickly as possible that he wanted to let Motor City become Bankruptcyville. Idk, maybe this is what the GOP base wants to hear, even in Michigan. Maybe.


  1. I like the idea here, but if Romney is a wicked wizard who would be Wormtongue?JL

  2. I think the lack of a Wormtongue is the GOP's big problem this election. Nobody can make this nonsense sound good.

    Alternatively, it could be Gingrich, whose Big Ideas seem to exercise some charm or glamor over their immediate audience.

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