Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashion catches up to TBA

That is the almost humorously boring watch that TBA purchased at Walmart a year or two ago, because it was just a plain damn watch.

Pic via James Fallows, who reports that it's not only a favorite of himself and some other moderately well-known people, but is now touted by Esquire as one of the "Best New Watches for Spring." (Except that, when you follow the link he gives, the mag is actually pushing something more aggressively ugly. "Aggressive ugliness" being a fair definition of "high fashion.")

... Okay, well, that's our fashion blogging for 2012! Done!


  1. I guess TBA has to wear a ticker because he has to turn off the cell while in court. Me since I have to carry my cell everywhere gave up on a watch as being redundant years ago.JL