Monday, February 20, 2012

Ezekiel on economic housing stimulus

Ezekiel 11 (NRSV):
The spirit lifted me up and brought me to the east gate of the house of the LORD, which faces east. There, at the entrance of the gateway, were twenty-five men; among them I saw Jaazaniah son of Azzur, and Pelatiah son of Benaiah, officials of the people. 2 He said to me, "Mortal, these are the men who devise iniquity and who give wicked counsel in this city; 3 they say, 'The time is not near to build houses; this city is the pot, and we are the meat.'
Clearly an early example of the 1%.

The LORD promises to "give you over to the hands of foreigners, and execute judgments upon you." Obviously a reference to the EU debt crisis.

... This is an example of a correction to the KJV, which for verse 3 has "Which say, It is not near; let us build houses: this city is the caldron, and we be the flesh." Or the Hebrew may just be uncertain; the NIV has "They say, ‘Haven’t our houses been recently rebuilt? This city is a pot, and we are the meat in it.’" The JPS agrees with the NRSV however. A tricky guide to economic policy, the Prophet Ezekiel; Isaiah may offer a surer foundation.

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