Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wow. Just wow.

37-20 Giants. Tell me who in the world predicted that.

(And both Packer TDs enabled by bogus calls. Scott Lemieux catches that Bill Levey Leavy, the head ref who blew the fumble call in the 1st quarter, is the guy who blew calling Super Bowl XL. Why is he allowed to call a playoff game?)

... I think the Giants can beat the Pats. I'm not sure they can beat the 49ers. And today's Ravens have as much chance against the Pats as Tebow and the Broncos did last night. But Flacco is kinda random: on a good day, with a good defensive effort, they could startle the Patriots.


  1. Even though I'm a Packers fan (to the extent that I care about sports at all - yesterday was my second NFL game of the year) I'm more disappointed that it was such a bad game. The Packers seemed to completely implode - they looked like a 1-15 team playing in the last week of the season to try and make sure they got a good draft pick.

    On the good side, George RR Martin is a NY fan, so maybe this will inspire him to finish the next Game of Thrones book a bit quicker. Probably not, but I'm hunting hard for bright sides here :)

  2. Just so long as he isn't inspired to add another half-dozen plotlines.