Monday, January 09, 2012

Scene from the Superdome

Takin' it home to Tuscaloosa.

... First ever shutout in a BCS bowl, let alone championship. Okla. State # 2?

I didn't think it could get less exciting than their last game. I was wrong.


  1. First time LSU has been shut out in a bowl since 1960's Sugar Bowl, also a rematch, then against Ole Miss.

    While Ole Miss had been #1 and LSU #2 at the time of the Halloween game (Billy Cannon....), the rematch did not do for Ole Miss what this rematch did for Alabama.

    Oh, and that 1960 score? 21-0.

  2. Further-- I enjoyed the November game. The intensity on both sides of the ball was interesting throughout. I found nothing of interest last night; once it was clear how thoroughly Alabama had LSU's number there was nothing to do but wait out the clock.

    It's like Stabin decided: "Ok, LSU owns the red zone. We will keep this game away from the red zones on both sides."