Thursday, January 05, 2012

Train wreck in the Orange Bowl

West Virginia's 70-33* massacre of Clemson last night was like a train wreck: I couldn't look away from the horrible sight.

Between 13:25 and 0:04 in the 2d quarter, WV scored five touchdowns. I wonder whether any other team, college or pro, has scored five TDs (or more!) in fewer than 13:21.

*Note: it wasn't that close.

... NFL record in one quarter is four TDs, but that's one player (WR Don Hutson in 1945).

The 1987 Redskins scored 5 TDs in the 2d quarter of Super Bowl XXII against the hapless Broncos; that's a Super Bowl record, but I can't find a TDs/quarter record for the NFL generally, or for the NCAA.

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