Friday, January 13, 2012

Seventh Circuit takes judicial notice of Bob Marley's dreads

In the course of holding that a prison can't allow Rastafarians to have dreadlocks, but then cite safety grounds in denying a different religion's faithful the right to wear dreads. See page 3.


Judge Posner got all pictorial on us last year as well. This time, no one's feelings are likely to be hurt by the picture. Which, btw, is not an early hit on Google Images. Maybe it's from Posner's personal collection?


  1. There's also this in the opinion:

    We can imagine religious discriminations that could be justified by security concerns: a ban on Thuggee, the notorious Indian cult stamped out by the British whose votaries believed they were the children of the Hindu goddess Kali (created from her sweat) and that she had commanded them to commit mass murder—a command they followed with enthusiasm.

  2. I don't know what strikes me more - annoyance with Posner for dumping encyclopedia crap into his ops, or rueful admiration that he even has time for that nonsense with everything extra-judicial that he does. The man must sleep 4 hours a night, max.