Monday, January 23, 2012

MS Republicans act out their own stereotype

So, liberals, you probably would like to caricature the Mississippi GOP capture of both houses of the Legislature. Now that the Republicans are in power, they will immediately move to implement their nefarious agenda, imposing deep cuts to essential agencies like the Department of Health!

And yes, as it turns out, that does seem to be the plan.
Legislative budget writers want to slash the state general fund appropriation for the state Department of Health to $20.7 million - the lowest level it has seen since 1990, when it received $20.3 million. * * *

In fiscal 2010, the Health Department received about $29 million in state funding - less than a tenth of the $325 million that Alabama has for its state public health budget.
TBA is not well informed as to the merits of this proposed cut, but we're amused that the Republicans' self-image matches up so precisely with their stereotype.

(Note that, because the story is by Pulitzer-Prise-winning super-journalist Jerry Mitchell, it's about as clear as mud. The above quote contrasts "$29 million in state funding" with "the $325 million that Alabama has for its state public health budget"; but Mitchell also writes that, due to federal matching funds and who knows what other sources, MSDH actually has a "$351 million budget." So is the Alabama number properly compared to the general-fund appropriation, or to the total MSDH budget?)

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  1. I wonder if this agency is a test case to see just how far they can get by with cuts to essential services. If no great outcry they may be encouraged to go after bigger budgets. If so, strange that they would make health dept. a "test case". JL