Monday, August 29, 2011

Whiskey sour

1 shot whiskey, 1 shot lemon juice, 1 shot simple syrup, over ice. Simple & effective.


  1. Are you taking orders?

    Are you laying down a gauntlet with regard to more traditional proportions?

  2. I *wish* I could send, and order, drinks over the internet!

    Just reporting on my recent experiments. The bottle of simple syrup I purchased bore a recipe with a much lower proportion of syrup - rather selfless of them - which Mrs. TBA found unpalatable. The 1:1:1 blend is sour, but not aggressively so.

    I will not however impugn anyone who varies the proportions to taste, which is not an offense against ethics in the way a 2:1 martini is.

  3. I see recipes that double the whiskey and scale down the syrup (3/4 oz, for instance). While I like this drink, I've never messed with it enough to have my own formula. It may vary some with how tart your lemons are, though.

  4. Doubling the whiskey would bring the drink more in line with my preferred margarita recipe (2:1:1); I confess part of my aim was to find a formula that would satisfy my wife, who likes her drinks less strong than that. And if one shot of whiskey doesn't get a fella where he's goin', why, that's just a pleasant excuse to have a second drink.

    I tried less syrup (like, 1 oz vs. 1 shot of the lemon juice) but found it too sharp.