Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Dep't of Mama Take This Badge from Me

Due to his failure to switch parties, the inevitable has befallen Malcolm McMillin: he's lost the Hinds County Democratic primary to a black candidate for sheriff.

Unfortunately, the victor is Tyrone Lewis, ex-deputy chief of the Jackson P.D., best known to some of us for lying under oath in Hinds Circuit Court:
Part of the excluded exhibit included findings of fact contained in a sworn affidavit Jones presented to a court to obtain an arrest warrant. The erroneous ruling allowed plaintiff’s expert, Tyrone Lewis, to testify with impunity and without fear of exposure, “[T]here is no documentation, no written statements or anybody to come forward to say that it did not happen [at Rebelwood].” The trial court should have known that Lewis’s statement was untrue. In fact, repeated references and statements to the contrary exist throughout the investigative reports. A cursory examination would reveal this truth. Under either scenario, Lewis’s statement was patently erroneous and violated the purpose and construction of our Rules (“that the truth may be ascertained and proceedings justly determined”). Miss. R. Evid. 102.
Now this moral exemplar will more than likely be the sheriff of Hinds County. Good luck with that, my southern neighbors. I wonder how much more he can charge Ashley Ogden for lying on the stand, once he gets to testify wearing a sheriff's badge?

Maybe Mac would like that JPD job back now.

(Note to Justice Randolph: the M.R.E. says you can cite it as the M.R.E. See M.R.E. 1102.)

... It bears mention that one of the candidates in the Madison Co. sheriff's runoff is no prize either, unless you believe that he (1) had no clue what his officers were doing and (2) had no duty to seek the prosecution of an officer who perjured himself to obtain a false DUI conviction.

... Curt Crowley takes issue with Lewis's having lied; see this JJ thread starting about 12:16 PM (Aug. 3). As of the 3:13 mark, he had failed to convince y.t. -- those interested may click through and weigh the arguments for themselves.

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