Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is Youngstown Sheet & Tube even on his final exams?

The Summer 2011 issue of the Mississippi Law Journal has an article by Lawrence Rosenthal, "Those Who Can’t, Teach: What the Legal Career of John Yoo Tells Us About Who Should Be Teaching Law." From his conclusion:
Whatever the value of creating within the academy repositories for theoretical scholarship unconnected to the practice of law, as we have seen, the vast majority of law students devote considerable time and money to law school on the understanding that they will obtain marketable skills. Surely law schools have some obligation to provide faculties capable of imparting those skills—-anything else is a species of consumer fraud. The fact that our leading law schools have on their faculties individuals who claim to be able to teach students to practice law, but in fact cannot provide their own clients with defensible legal advice and may well be incapable of teaching their students how to do so, suggests that something has gone very wrong in the legal academy.
Check it out.

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