Monday, July 25, 2011

TBA report on popular culture

Captain America -- the best superhero movie of the summer, most likely. Certainly better than Thor and on a par with the Iron Man flix. Tommy Lee Jones turns in a great supporting part. Don't forget to stay for the post-credits Avengers teaser. (But I have a question: how did Cap's shield get in Tony Stark's workshop? Presumably it was a replacement or earlier model that Daddy Stark made.)

A Dance with Dragons -- the looooong-awaited installment in the swords-and-soap-opera Song of Ice and Fire series. Doesn't advance the plot as much as one might've wished, but maybe we won't have to wait 5 years for The Winds of Winter. Regardless, we're not reading for quality at this point; we're reading to find out what happens to Tyrion and Dany and Jon.

Phineas & Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension -- August 5 on Disney Channel. Mark your calendars!


  1. Loved Cap. The shield in Iron Man 2 looked cobbled together - I don't think it was really meant to be a prototype or anything, at least as it ended up fitting into the Captain America movie. Earlier model really doesn't fit, since the color/pattern got added later. Could have been trying to recreate it somehow, maybe?

    Agreed on the overall quality - I put it in the top tier along with the Spider-Man and X-Men movies (first two of each, obviously). I was also way more excited about the Avengers trailer than I probably should have been, but it is something that is truly new, as near as I can tell. Movies almost never blend together - the only crossovers I can think of are old monster flicks (Dracula vs. The Wolf Man) and maybe Aliens vs. Predator (which universally sucked). It gives it an unusual weight.

    Dance with Dragons I'm having a hard time getting started. Feast for Crows burned me out more than I had expected.

  2. Well, if AFFC burned you out, ADWD is going to leave you needing medical attention. Don't finish it without a competent adult present.

    ... My main objection to the Avengers trailer was that I couldn't *quite* tell if that was Scarlett in the Black Widow suit or not.