Friday, July 01, 2011

The Miss. Supreme Court predicts the future

Here's an oddity of the MSSC online docket. The docket calendar for the 4th sitting in 2011 has issued (July 4 - Sept. 2), and, for instance, Auto. Ins. Co. of Hartford v. Lipscomb is listed as "submitted" on July 5. Hence no oral argument in that case.

But if you look up Lipscomb on the general docket (not the docket calendar), the last event is the reply brief's filing. No indication as to what the near future holds for the case. Presumably, on July 6 (a day later), the submission w/out oral argument will show up on the general docket.

So, if you're wondering about the status of your case, don't check only the general docket, especially if a new sitting is coming up. The future may be predicted elsewhere on the website.

(N.b. TBA has no involvement with the Lipscomb case; it's just an example.)

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