Friday, July 15, 2011

(Ex-?) Lutheran in the news

Michele Bachmann, long one of the jewels of the Wisconsin Synod of the Lutheran Church, appears to've quit that denomination, supposedly because it teaches that the Pope is the Antichrist. (The second link, from a Missouri Synod Lutheran, is interesting for how bemused he is that she found her new "community church" indistinguishable from her WELS church. This is a sore point for conservative churches who are losing their congregations to equally conservative but doctrinally impure megachurches, etc.) (H/t.

We had previously noted the irony in a woman's running for president when her church doesn't think she could even be elected to a church council. Guess that won't be a problem for her any more.

... There is of course plenty of evidence that Luther deemed the popes to be Antichrists, and the Lutheran confessions do recite that point as well, tho I don't believe it's asserted in the Augsburg Confession (the Apology therefor does imply as much). ELCAs of course tend to be much more kiss-and-make-up with the RCC.

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