Sunday, October 17, 2010

What do bears rebel against, actually?

Picking up I guess on the tenuous Faulkner connection, Michael Schaub at Bookslut notes the Ole Miss mascot change:
Speaking of Southern cities that I love, some quasi-literary news out of Oxford, Mississippi: Ole Miss is changing their mascot from "Colonel Reb," a faux-Southern anachronism who looked like he started every sentence with "I do declare" and used frighteningly out-of-date terms for African Americans, to the "Rebel Black Bear," named in honor of a short story by William Faulkner. The school's sports teams will still be called the Rebels, but there's signs of increased tolerance in the Magnolia State. Just consider one of the other finalists for the new mascot:

In a university poll . . . 42% liked Hotty Toddy, a muscular human who would serve as a symbol of their school's pride.

A muscular, proud human named "Hotty Toddy." So the big tough SEC school almost ended up with a mascot that the University of Fire Island and Cal State-West Hollywood both rejected as "too gay." Oh, Mississippi, you confuse me, but I love you.
TBA still thinks Admiral Ackbar would've been ideal for the Rebels. Certainly would've made Ole Miss's mascot The Most Diverse As Fuck Mascot Ever.

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  1. Actually, the question posed by your subject line is easy: Meet a big one in the right circumstances, and you'll feel rebelled against. So the answer may be: Whatever's handy.