Thursday, October 14, 2010

An easy win

O'Donnell debated Coons in the DE Senate race, and probably "won" by not falling apart. Her repair campaign seems to be working in some quarters:
While Mr. Coons had broader range on issues and current events, he sometimes seemed mean-spirited. When Ms. O’Donnell asked whether a company he was connected to would benefit from the clean energy bill, he scoffed, “It was difficult for me to understand from her question what she was talking about.”

That could just serve to reinforce Ms. O’Donnell’s image, which has had deep resonance this election season — that of an ordinary person trying to bring common sense to Washington.

That appealed to Alexandra Gawel, 23, a sociology major at the university who has worked her way through college as a waitress.

“She is someone I can relate to,” Ms. Gawel said, outside the debate hall in the late afternoon. “She’s not had everything handed to her.”
Sociology? My goodness. Maybe Ms. Gawel can do a senior thesis on the quasi-religious character of how we evaluate candidates for public office.

But really, whoever her handlers are, they are lazy folk:
She stumbled when asked what recent Supreme Court decision she most objected to, asking first for some examples, and then saying, “I’m sorry, I’ll put it up on my Web site, I promise.”
Uh, hello? Didn't Katie Couric ask Sarah Palin that, in the most infamous interview of living memory? O'Donnell should've been ready for every question Katie asked, including which newspapers she reads.

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